If a girl is more intelligent and gets paid more in her job than a guy, would a girl date that guy?

Hi all, I met a girl who is very sweet, she seems very kind and educated and have the prettiest eyes and smiles. The reasons that is holding me back from asking her out are:

1) She is probably more intelligent. She studies law and I study commerce, both of us at different top universities. But in general it seems that law is a smarter course than commerce. Not that I have a problem with girls smarter than myself, in fact I quite like them. I fear that intelligent girls in general might not want to choose a guy who seems less intelligent. I feel like I need to study the law course to have the confidence to date her. Although this is not how she seem to feel.

2) Lawyers get paid more in general than an accountant? I am guessing? This is pretty much gonna be our futures. She becomes a lawyer, and I would end up an accountant hopefully with a CA. average experienced CA accountants get paid 80k -120k annually, and some really good ones can get 150k - 200k plus. I assume lawyers get more than that.

So yeah if you are the law chick would the facts above make me less attractive to you? I know this sounds somewhat shallow, to consider someone purely based on how much they earn. But hey common the reality is that there are smarter and richer guys out there, and better looking even, I am trying to rationalize why a girl in that position would give me a chance.



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  • So first off, if you are going to a top university that means you are probably fairly intelligent. Just because you have different majors doesn't mean there is a huge discrepancy between your levels of intelligence. Yeah lawyers usually make bank (accountants don't do that bad either), but why does that stop you from asking her out now? You can't base your decisions based solely on the fact that she will eventually make more money than you. Many couples do not make equal pay, and that doesn't stop them from being together. As for the smarter, richer, better looking guys; good looks are in the eye of the beholder so she might think you are the best looking guy she has ever met. Richness only matters with gold diggers. When it comes to money with a guy, all I really want is some sort of stability. The amount really doesn't matter. Plus, she will have a well paying job, anyways. As for smarter, most girls don't wish they could date Steven Hawking or Albert Einstein, so I really don't think that is a problem.

    So to sum up everything, give her a chance before you try to rationalize why she could never want you.

    • I always went for the super brainies, even if they didn't look like topmodels. they're fascinating. and I loved that they were smarter than me

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  • you're cute. first of all, studying law isn't that much of an "intelligence issue". law is all about logic and learning stuff by heart (I studied law at university for only one term, but yea I think I've seen what it is about) its not like you're studying physics where you have to be really talented.

    i don't know about the US but in my country a lawyer gets about $140 per hour. that IS alot. but you know not evreything is about money :) its just good to know that -worst case scenario- if you end up alone with 2 kids you're abloe to raise them yourself (financially I mean)

    to be honest, I don't like guys who are dumb. they have to be at least as intelligent as me (not saying I'm smart though). commerce is at least as good as law. and you know, going to university doesn't mean you're smart. some people have to study 5 hours a day to get the same result as someone who just studied 30 minutes. the latter are intelligent people. so it doesn't really matter what you are studying. it's about how quick you learn something new, see the relations between two situations etc.

    oh and I dont' know if that's just me, but good manners, with and style are kinda part of being "educated".

    so I suggest you go talk to her and see what happens :)

    good luck! hope this helped

  • Who cares how much money you both make or who might be more "intelligent"?

    If you like this girkl go out with her for goodness sake! My sister makes a lot more money than her husband, and she has a degree and he does not. this has NOTHING to do with how you feel about someone hun. So go for it.


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  • Depends on how close you are to her already. If you've just met her recently, I would go in as confident as possible. ACT PROUD OF YOUR JOB. If she doesn't like it or looks down on it, then that girl doesn't deserve you. She can ride off on her high horse and marry a guy that will care less about her.

    You need confidence. Don't go in defeated. It's as if you're just now shooting warmups for the biggest game of the year and you already feel like you've lost. Go in with some confidence and be comfortable in your skin. If she intimidates you that bad, you're dead meat. Women want a guy who at least stands up to them. They respect a man who does this. I'm not saying fly off and tell her to "Go to hell" or anything, but simply listen, act like she's just any old girl and see what happens.

    Girls typically don't factor in money or anything when talking to a guy. If you look nice to her, that's a plus. What she sees is 'Dude goes to school full-time, is majoring in a nice field, and doesn't seem like a bad guy.' Think positive. Rehearse a scenario with yourself as far as how you'd act around her. Because you don't have to wing it. Just be comfortable in your own skin.

  • dude as an accountant your properly not going to make half that. a lawyer either. unless she has a bs in chemistry or physics to back it up to do some real sh*t.

    • Hey bro, when I say accountant I don't mean those crappy ones that do your tax returns. I don't need to go to a top university to be able to do those. After getting CA qualification (like 2 years) wage will be pretty much around 100k or near. With more experience I say 100k will be a conservative figure. The accountanting profession I am talking give advice for big corporations on how to run their business.

  • Well when I get my reparations check from the President, I am going to quit my job as a janitor.. buy a box truck straight cash, and have enough cigarettes to last me and my family for the rest of our lives... I'M RICH BIATCH!