High School Crush - She's caught staring but looks away. What does it mean?

So I've known this girl for about a year now. We walk from 4th hour to 5th hour together everyday. We always talk to each other when we walk together. We're never shy when talk to each other. She sits across from me in English and about 3-5 times in that class I catch her staring at me, and she looks away really quickly when I notice her staring. We're pretty good friends, and I asked her to homecoming, but she said no because she was going with her friends (This was a week before homecoming, so I honestly thought she was going with her friends, which she was). I really like her, so what does it mean when I catch her staring and she looks away really quickly? I'm waiting till Courtwarmimg to see if she asks me to it, and if she does then that's when I'm planning on asking her out. I'm in high school by the way.


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  • Staring doesn't mean anything in most cases. She noticed you staring at her, that's why she stared you back.


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