I don't think anyone is for me?

When I was 15, I dated my first boyfriend. He was my "first love". I did everything for that man, and he didn't do shit for me. He cheated on me. We dated for 3 months. I'm 24 now and I truly don't want to love anyone else even though I'm over him. I lost all attraction to him. How do I know? I still see him time from time and he wants to get into my pants. I have zero attraction and zero feelings.
The thing is now, I don't trust any man that tries to date me. I have dated/talked to a bunch of guys after my ex, but there is no spark. If not, I just don't trust them. Every guy I have a spark with it I always have my gut telling me not to trust him. Supposedly these men end up broken hearted, but I just don't seem to care about it. I'm 24 and feel truly hopeless I will never find love. I have a crush on this guy, but I don't trust him. I also feel insecure that he may not like me back. So I have to be really careful about what I do.
Does anyone else feel this way?
also how could you tell a man truly likes you and it's not just for sex!
I don't think anyone is for me?
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