Would you be mad if you had a fight with your gf/bf and she/he went running to her/his friend of the opposite sex?

The main question would be, would you be mad if you are dating someone and you had an argument/fight with her/him and she/he went running to her/his friend of the opposite sex and told that friend everything and that friend made her/him feel better?
Just Because im a guy im gonna put women as an example but the question is for both men and women.
Running to your friends is ok cause sometimes we need to talk to them for them to make us feel better BUT... when it is a friend of the opposite sex and you are constantly telling that person about your problems you're having with your boyfriend, wouldn't your boyfriend get mad? I personally think that if a woman (or a guy) does that with her male friend, at some point of time they are gonna end up hooking up and she is gonna cheat on her boyfriend. Because he is always there for her to comfort her all the time and one day she's gonna be so mad at her boyfriend that she's not gonna give a fuck and hook up with him. ( viceversa wit guys)

Is it just me or do you guys agree or disagree?

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  • Of course Id be mad because if I werent mad we wouldn't be fighting.
    But their best friends gebder doesn't matter to me


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  • I think that's a pretty pessimistic view. If my girlfriend and I had a fight and things went that way I would probably be upset, but in a healthy relationship that kind of thing shouldn't happen.

    • Thats very true! And why wouldn't it happen in a healthy relationship? Dont you think that maybe if your girlfriend had this one friend (not best friend) a friend that she talks to sometimes, and she was to maybe say hi to him and tell him her problems wit her boyfriend because she trusts him and he's nice enough to listen to her, dont you think it happens in healthy relationship too?

    • People are different, my relationship is both healthy and extremely unhealthy and complex. I see what you're saying though. It depends on a lot, but having your girlfriend constantly run to him should piss you off, and she may do it on purpose.

    • Thats true! My ex used to do it on purpose sometimes and also some times just cause she wanted someone to understand her and listen to her which i wasn't doing. So its my fault in the end 😕

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  • If my boyfriend and I did had an argument we would want to work it out and even if he has to sleep on the couch until we are calm to talk it out.
    But if it was so bad that he had no choice to talk to an of opposite sex. I wouldn't get mad because he knew her since kindergarten, she's like a family friend and I know a lot about her. I trust him and I trust her.
    My boyfriend also know my best friend that I trust is a guy.
    I want our relationship to be healthy again ( if it happens ) and if talking her will help, I will understand as long we can both sit down and talk it out.
    We have talked about this before because we both want to be with each other in the future.

    • Thats great that you guys want to be in each others future! Yea a best friend is ok. I would understand that. But if it was a friend that he talks to sometimes, yet he trusts her enough to tell her his problems and she's also nice enough to listen to him and comfort him. Would you be mad?

    • No I wouldn't and he does have a friend that's a girl that does that.
      I would be a hypocrite if I got mad because I have a guy friend that I go to and he always confronts me and listen. My boyfriend and I tell each other everything, one time my boyfriend pushed everyone away including his family, he had an nervous breakdown and just wanted to be alone, at the time I wasn't new this about him pushing people away. So I went to my best guy friend that I trust and talked to him. When everything was okay, I told my boyfriend about it. I don't expect my boyfriend to tell me everything but he does anyway. We both trust each other.

  • i'd me mad af


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