Girls and guys, I am so confused and without experience. Can someone help me?

Hi guys. I am a 21 year old girl. I have a problem with relationship: I don't understand what men want, in particular one. I met a older guy three weeks ago. First thing that he told me, was that he is not attached to technology, but after our first meeting he started texting me almost every day, even just for asking how my days are. On the second time that we met, I told him that I am not into casual sex since we were talking about it, but he continued texting me. It happened one night that he called me, but of course I was sleeping, and when I asked him what he wanted to tell me, he just said "I wanted to ask you to meet us again"'. After that he went out for a trip in the weekend, so for a few days he didn't text me. I texted. him on this Monday, he told me that he was yet returned , and on Tuesday he texted me first. Since that day, he started again not to text me, and also he didn't ask me to go out for. a date again. Now. I don't really understand what he wants. Is he losing. interest? Is this text thing so important? I really don't know how to act, because I am not into this kind of things. I can't understand what's is going on in his mind, but also in all men mind! Some friends of mine told me that he wants just sex, others told me that he is interested and bla bla bla, I am really confused about it. I would really like to meet him again, and also having fun like the other time, but I am also really worried about the sex thing. Is it so strange now just pretending to have sex when we have a relationship? I would really appreciate if someone with more experience could explain me how these things works, and how should I act. I don't have experience but I don't want to destroy the entire thing. Thank you so much for your attention! I. hope that I didn't bother anyone.
Girls and guys, I am so confused and without experience. Can someone help me?
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