Does he still like me is there any way to get back?

Known this guy for years, since 2006. We were seeing each other initially but been in and out of contact since.

Initially he was really into me but I couldnt decide between him and another guy which he knew about (this must have sucked for him) But i did like him and was still seeing him anyway. He was a great guy we had a great time together. (Other guy turned out to be a douchebag anyways).

We reconnected again a couple years back and he tried to get together with me and we almost did but I had met someone else at the time also and it never happened. (I presume that must have also sucked for him again).

Recently reconnected again (Didnt work out with the guy I met and throught the relationship I couldnt stop thinking about him and what if I chose him instead).

He was happy i got in touch, flirted, talked, was interested in seeing me. Then I started to realise he was being flakey. (I admit i did message him a lot during the flakeyness in frustration and trying to get his attention etc).

I eventually called him out on it and he replied with:
"not a good idea us getting together as i kinda got other plans. Stay cool see you around" I then asked him why he showed interest and how this was hurtful and confusing for me and he then replied with:
"im not interested in seeing you like that sorry" (important to note that previously he was flirting with me and showing interest) this is why i feel kinda mad and upset...

I now feel so stupid and have now completley backed off from him. He still on my whats app and everytime i change my pic he changes his but Im not contacting him.

Why did he act like this? Help pls 🤔

Does he still have feelinhs for me? Is this revenge/payback is e hurt? Should I continue to reach out to him and show him that Im serious this time or just leave him? Will he come to me if I do this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You should have chosen him. The good guy gets the boot and then things like this happen.

    Don't push him. If he says he isn't interested then leave him alone unless you are 100% sure that you want him. He had to sit back while the girl he wanted to be with was with other guys, that hurts like hell. If he's happier now, don't ruin that.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Leave him be. You've passed him up enough times, did you think how how that would have made him feel? Respect him enough not to entertain the idea of you two as a last option, it's mean, and don't keep trying to contact him on and off, it's pointless. Move on with things.


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  • Obviously, you rejected him. He doesn't want to be rejected again.


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  • You chose someone else over him twice, why would he come back for a third time? Sorry honey, you showed an interest and even if he was friendly and flirty he has clearly let you know where he stands