Girls, Can someone please help me solve this dilemma?

So, I go to college. In one of my classes is this really pretty girl. I soon learned, through overhearing a conversation, that she had a boyfriend. No big deal. I still chatted with her occasionally, and was friendly. However, I have just learned that her and her boyfriend of two years broke up less than a week ago.

I want to ask her out, but I'm not sure when the right time is. I don't want to swoop in immediately, because I know I will get rejected. However, if I wait too long, she might 1: find someone else, 2: Get back with him, or 3: the semester will end and I won't see her again.

She seemed kind of cold and agitated the last time I talked with her. I don't want to approach her if she's still upset, however if I wait, she might not say yes.

What do I do? The semester ends in a few weeks! I was planning on asking her out on Tuesday (6th) but if she's still emotional over the break up then I already know what her answer will be. Yet if I wait, someone else might ask her out first.

Is there something I can say to her when I ask her out to make her understand? Should I wait a bit longer? What should I do?
Girls, Can someone please help me solve this dilemma?
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