I can't get an attractive girlfriend help?

I asked about a month ago a question titled how to get girls since i get non, but i was wrong what i should have asked is how to get an attractive girlfriend...
a little about me :

1- tall, work out (not ripped or anything though normal), really good looking (based on numerous girls commenting on my looks and how girls act around me), great style, respectful, usually nice if you're nice to me and friendly towards people.

2- funny, witty, good social skills nothing special, if you know me well you will get to know somethings that i dont show to anyone else, i can be serious though and iam usually fun when out with friends or at college.

my problem is that all the girls that have an interest in pursuing a relationship with me are not as attractive as i want, i dont want to sound shallow but thats the truth i need to be physically attracted to try to date a girl, dont get me wrong i get plenty of attention from really hot girls but they are usually taken and have bfs so its not like it can result in anything... and i've been trying for a while (over a year) but can't seem to find any girl aged 17+ who is hot, loyal, nice, and single its impossible...

any ideas?


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  • Bro I use to have the same problem. All you need to is chill out tbh. Don't even think about it. When you're around an attractive girl just be chill and don't give off any vibes that you're interested. They'll start chasing you

    • I do get pletny of attention from attractive girls but two things are stopping me from actually dating them :
      1- many of these girls i find out are taken before i approach them
      2- I chicken out and dont approach them, i did approach a couple girls at a party after few beers and got numbers, in fact i know i can do it at college too but iam just scared not even sure what iam scared of, rejection doesn't really hurt me, i dont care about most things like iam in the perfect state of not giving a fk yet i still get really nervous.

      have you ever approached random girls at college who seemed quite intereted in you? if so how?

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    • i really need some confidence boost i thought i was confident but apparently iam not since iam passing so many opportunities, i just walk by a girl and she's staring at me like she wants to have me right there and now and iam just like staring back and not doing anything it really pisses me off, I don't know how to get out of this state and start having balls.

    • You'll get there man lol trust me

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  • When you say the girls interested in you are not as attractive as you want, well what do you want? Does she have to be a 10? What is a 10 to you? Are you cool with dating a 7 or 8? What is a 7 or 8 to you? I'm curious because everyone is different and has different tastes, so what you consider hot someone else might think is just cute.

    Maybe instead of expecting a 10, you could date a 7.5

    • dating a 10 is too much trouble iam certainly not looking for a 10 iam looking for an 8 i believe that is good enough, i mean of course we all look for different things my friend finds girls attractive that i dont even notice and some girls i find hot he says are really as hot as i say, even though 9 out 10 times if i say a girl is hot she is by most standards hot.

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  • let it go

    • this is not something u can let go

  • What about online dating or using dating apps? Any luck with that if you've tried it? Just keep trying and keep looking and never give up until you find someone that you want to be with and is right for you. It's impossible for someone to meet every single tiny little bit of your expectations and requirements, realistically speaking. You may find someone hot, single, but they might not be very nice, or very smart, and fail to meet your other criteria and expectations.

    You can also try bars and night clubs or dance clubs and see if you can find someone there that is very attractive and meet most of your criteria and expectations. But usually those places are meant for pickups and hook ups and then if things work out after the hook ups you'd continue to stay in contact and try to develop a relationship afterwards.

  • Online dating may not be such a bad idea for you