Why do guys never approach me/ask me out?

Okay I feel awkward writing this but I will attempt to put my thoughts into a question. I'm a 17 year old female, currently studying law at university and I've never had a boyfriend. I've been called attractive by many people (I even did that silly photofeeler thing, where people rate your photo and got 98% attractive rating) but i constantly doubt myself as surely if I was that attractive guys would ask me out? I was very shy at school and could never talk to guys first, unfortunately for me they never spoke to me either. Any time I go out or go to parties the only guys that approach me are either gay or have a girlfriend. My gay male friend once said that I was super attractive and guys must be intimidated as I am 'hot' and 'smart'. Again I can't really see what would intimidate as I try to be friendly to everyone and guys normally say that I'm really nice. I'm not really sure what my question is, but I constantly feel lonely and believe that something must be wrong with me if guys aren't interested. In your opinion why do guys avoid me? And what can I do to rectify this? I also have eye contact with a lot of guys but never approach them due to the fear that they aren't interested, should I just go for it and talk to them? Anyway thanks for reading, hope you didn't get too bored and also somewhat understand what I'm feeling/asking. Thank you:)
Why do guys never approach me/ask me out?
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