What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in front of a crush?

For me, it was the time I was at a bus stop. She happened to be standing on the other side, and I hadn't seen her for two years. Mind you, I had a MASSIVE crush on this person. So we both get on the bus, and I make my way over to where she's sitting while I had to stand. So what do I do? Just stare at her with a creepy ass look basically until she got off.

To this day when I think about that I get so embarrassed at myself. Ugh.

Anyone else? :)


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  • haha, aww, I feel your pain!

    Mine was to bleed, literally! I was with the girl in the pub (bar) and she accidentally hit me in the nose with her wrist bone. I got a huge nose bleed and had to go to the bathroom to clean up. While I was in there the bouncer came in and asked who had hit me. I said that it was just a girl and he asked me if I wanted him to beat her up o. O I said no, I think I'm fine thanks :/ Psychopath, lol!

  • Couldn't talk.. Couldn't look at her eyes.. It's like I was a disabled person


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