Should I ask him out on a date?

There's a guy in my world history class that I've developed somewhat of a crush on. We don't really talk very much; he has social anxiety and I am a fairly introverted person. However we have spoke a few times; the first was at the beginning of the school year when we were assigned to do research together for a class debate and the other was during a class speed dating activity. Both conversations went really well and we even joked around some. Last week he made a post on Facebook asking if anyone would be willing to read some of his writing that he had done. I messaged him and told him that I would. We ended up having a fairly nice conversation about writing and how its kind of a coping mechanism for both of us. He also said that he was glad that he wasn't the only one who writes like he does. So based on this, would it be a bad idea to see if he wants to hang out or go to a movie?


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  • Ask him out, he's comfortable with you and you with him, but a movie is never really a good first date, mainly bc you can't really talk and get to know each other better. Go to dinner and maybe some kind of activity like a walk on or a hike.


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  • Ask himmmm trust me you''ll regret not asking in the future