Is my one night stand ( and crush!) having feelings for me?

Couple of weeks ago, I met this guy who is 7 years older than me, we talked for a week than he asked me to see me and suggested we have drinks and dinner at his house and watch some movie and told me he would like me to spend the night.

It was ok for me because I knew it couldn't be more than a one night stand anyways,
I mean he is very cute and extremely popular very successful and smart and I noticed on social media girls were almost fighting each others to get his attention. I mean he litteraly could have any girl he wanted (bimbos, models..)

As a girl I am very simple, physically I am average, and as a person I am quite distant, very sarcastic and not very social.

we met and he was extremely gentle and kind we made each other laugh. We also had sex twice.

The day after he took me home and didn't stop kissing cuddling and holding and kissing my hand all the way home then texted me to thank me and say he had a great time that he enjoyed the sex that he liked how i made him laugh. The same day he called twice to talk.

Now a week has passed and he didn't stop calling and texting every single day. He even started to say he has been thinking of me and sometimes he will call me "sweetheart, baby girl, sweetie". He also gave me a very cute and original nickname that he often use when he talks to me.
He even did researches about my pet and asked about him every day.

He also asked me to go out and have dinner this weekend (i declined because i have planned sthg else).

Despite his kindness he is very popular and very busy, so usually go out at night say he's with the guys then stop answering texts and leave me on "read" til' omorrow morning..

Does he want more than sex?
Why would a guy like him want more than sex with me if I showed him it was totally ok for me to have just sex?
Maybe he is used to talk like that to all the girls he is seeing?
Should I run away before getting hurt?

So confused!
Is my one night stand ( and crush!) having feelings for me?
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