It's still rather early on, but which guy should I pursue?

I like both & see myself dating either one.

Guy A... Seth. One day we had a light and fun conversation, & a few weeks later I have him my number. I flirted with him a bit via texting & he told me a bit about himself. He has a great sense of humor, smile, a super cute laugh & super sexy voice. My only problems are that he's busy a lot & seems to be a bit popular with girls & gets drunk fairly often (he's also a bit shy). Once we were at this dance, & he saw me, got super happy, & sorta rushed over & gave me a huge hug! We had a really nice & light chat, &she told me he was a bit drunk. But this guy gives tons & tons of body language signs of interest! (I've studied it and can read people really well.)

Guy 2... Joey. Literally right from the get go, me & him clicked right away! He's super sweet & a complete nerd! He's extremely easy to talk to & we have the exact same personality type (Myers Briggs) & he just always gets extremely happy whenever we talk. He also blushes a lot! Sometimes when I see him walking by, we'll make eye contact & l'll smile & wave & he'll turn pink & break out a huge smile & wave back. He's just super fun to be around & it's never been too awkward! With Seth it can be a bit awkward on an occasion, but not too bad. I doubt Joey has much dating experience, whereas I'm sure that Seth has quite a bit more. Today, literally Joey was the highlight of my day! He helped me out a ton and just was super sweet! I'd say that Joey doesn't intentionally flirt, it's all body language, but he does seem really sincere & genuine when talking to me.

As you can see I'm really stuck 😰😰 it's still rather early in the flirting stage though!! I haven't hung out individually with either of them yet, & I really don't want to play with either of their feelings, so who should I pursue?

Seth isn't drunk often, sorry if that's a misunderstanding! If he's out with friends he might drink a little like anyone else, but he's not over the top about it. He handles himself maturely. And I feel like it'd be more fun to date Seth, since I feel like he'd be more romantic and I'd get to meet more people since he's pretty social. He's also not a big flirt and would never cheat. He absolutely hates cheating. I feel like dating Joey would be a bit awkward. They both have their pros and cons.


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  • Sense of Humor for Seth... same personality, blushing and not drunk for Joey. Honestly I would go for Joey.

    I had a question like this before... Guy with dating experience and a guy without. I think that apart from the better traits that Joey has, he might not have been in a relationship yet. But if he does... You can know for sure he gives it his all.
    If I were a girl, a guy getting drunk often would really Not be the guy I'd go for. I'd like to feel safe around that guy and not worried lol

    • Thanks so much for the input! This was really helpful! :) And he doesn't get drunk often often, but I mean, when he's out with friends and wants to have a bit of fun he will, like anyone else ya know? He's mature about it, and never drinks too much. I don't know I like Joey, but I honestly find myself more drawn to Seth.

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    • True true! Thanks a lot for the help! It's greatly appreciated 😊😊

    • You're welcome

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  • Personally I would go Joey... if I click like that with someone and don't have awkward moments then it's something worth keeping.
    And I wouldn't be keen on the drinking and the ladies man status, if you aren't the same kind of person I can see it causing rifts down the track

    • Thanks! This was super helpful! I mean, Seth isn't like a "ladies man" really, he's just really attractive, and I guess that catches people's eyes. I think he'd be much more fun to date than Joey, but a bit more intimidating to date, since I know he has more experience in the dating world than me

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  • Joey

    • Thanks for the opinion! But why do you say Joey?

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    • @Mixedfeeling
      Can you help me with a situation I'm in? I like your advice.

    • @FM223
      sure you can pm me if you want

  • Since when girls pursue?

    • ? What's that supposed to mean? I pursue things that I want. I'm not just going to lie around and wait for them. I don't expect the world to serve me, so I go and work for what I want. Not all females are the same you know? I mean, that's theoretically half of the human population you're talking about. Someone's got to be different. So please refrain yourself from thinking so broadly and rather dismissively like that.

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    • The majority of girls just sit and expects the guy to pursue.

    • Yes THAT I'll agree with 👍🏼

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  • Seems like you're more interested and work better with Joey

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