Should I go after the guy I like?

Hi ! I just started going to the same University as this guy I like (we have been out of touch for a year and a half) he has been liking my photos on facebook and instagram lately witch he never really did before (but I've noticed he's been liking a few other girls pics too maybe just cause he's a single guy idk) He kind of shut me down once before but that was after he barley knew me and afterwords at work ( I met him at my old job) he would always talk to me one on one and make physical contact with me. I am pretty sure he used to at least be sexually attracted to me , he told me I was attractive before. I would just message him but I have gained some weight sense we last met. He met me when I was a size small (occasionally a size extra small) and now i'm a size medium (never a small) it may not sound like a big difference but I am noticeably wider especially in my legs. I'm not over weight and he's dated girls around my size before , i'm just nervous that sense he never asked me out before my weight gain may be an issue. I wouldn't worry as much if he wasn't such a small guy, he's like five foot nine and 140 lbs. I am in the process of loosing weight and using cream to eliminate some new stretch marks from my sides (it is working slowly but surely). I legit think I love him I would love to have sex with him so bad he is beautiful , he's driven , smart , funny. Should I wait to message him once i'm down to my goal weight or message him now? Looking for some advice! Thanks so much ! I just think he's picky like he would rather just flirt and mess around I don't know what should I do?
Should I go after the guy I like?
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