What is the age limit for being too young/old for a guy and girl to date?

This guy I think is super hot and I thought he was in his 20's and I guess he is still in highschool. Yikes! I am so embarrassed but he is so hot. I think I scared him and his whole family--because every time I see him I hide lol


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  • I'm 28 and I am in love with a 23 years old guy. I think age is just a number. The really important thing is that the guy likes you and he wants to be with you or you like him and want to be with him. For my case, I guess I am a little bit to older for the 23 years old and we remain friend.


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  • Why don't you take a seat over there.

    What are you doing here?


    No really though, that is kind of nasty. He would be considered so popular for dating an older girlfriend, but people would see you as a perv once they find out he's still in HS

    If you can hold real conversations with him, it's OK

    If it feels like you're talking to a little child, then run away

    I guess if he looks older,like your age, then it might not raise too many eyebrows

    Check your state's age of consent

    If it doesn't work out, I'm 22 ;)


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  • Well, I am 23 and the guy I like is 18 (turns 19 in November, I turn 24 in October), so I guess. there you go. haha

    • Thanks everyone:)

      Yeah I found out he is like 17/18. Yikes!

  • Depends how old you are in this case because he's underaged. It's not such a big deal if he were 18 and you were in your early 20's. But if he's 15/16 and you're in your 20's, then he's jailbait. BUT if you're 18 or 19 then it's not that big a deal event hough legally it's still considered statutory rape (excuse me if I misspelled that word). Just be careful. Lust is not worth having legal problems in the future.