How do I know he is interested and I dont want to come pushy?

Ok, so me and this guy met up at a bar last Saturday and we started chatting and he passed me his number, Anyways we were texting on Sunday and he asked me if i wanted to go for wine i said yes and he said am out at dinner ill message you later and we can arrange. It was getting late so he messages me quite late to see what i was doing and the wine didn't take place. Anyways next morning he messaged me saying good morning i messaged him back he said he saw it late as he was working. Same situation he said after i finish from my dance to text him if i wanted to do something.

So i messaged him and we agreed to go for wine. He picked me up took me to two great bars, well i thought we had a great c onnection and time as couldnt stop lauging... he was teasing a lot.. he dropped me off and kissed me in the cheeks. So next day i messaged like i had a great time thanks and have a great day. He replied have an amazing day and that was it.

I mean i dont know what to assume now, he is not shy from what i could see so there hasn't been anything from his side. If a guy likes you he would message to see you again? and from the first messages we had to arrange a drink looks like he was leaving late to messge or on Monday he asked me t text if i wanted to do anything?

So not sure if he is interested? Not sure if i should message and say like hows ur day? By the way he always replies.


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  • I think a "hows ur day" would be just fine. I agree that it's hard to tell how interested he is, but hey, we're not 16 anymore. At our age, we go for what we want and if we get a little bloody nose from rejection, we take our sleeve, wipe ourselves off and carry on. It sounds like you guys had fun so why not put the ball in his court and see where it goes? I mean, it can't possibly be seen as pushy if you only message him once!

    Or even better... he came up with the wine idea last time. Why don't you come up with something and ask him out?


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  • There's a big difference in showing interest & being pushy. Take some initiative, text him. Guys love it when a girl is a little bold