Why do men do this in dating?

I have noticed a pattern in men's behavior when it comes to dating. I find it very strange and was hoping to hear some other perspectives-

Why do men act very interested, make plans for the future, and then disappear?

I know not all relationships work. Sometimes the chemistry inst enough, blah blah blah, whatever. But why say one thing and do another? Why go from hot to cold so quickly? Why is there no honesty?

My boyfriend of two years asked me to move in with him and was looking at engagement rings. Then he suddenly broke up with me a few weeks later. The first guy I dated after him, we dated for two months, he made all these plans with me and bought me tickets to a concert, just to tell me the day before the show that he is in love with his ex and we can't see each other. The next two guys after that were the same thing. Made plans with me, told me how much they liked me and were so happy they met me, but then out of nowhere we fell apart. The guys are all so different and have nothing in common except for that one trait. I am honestly baffled.

So why make plans and tell a girl how much you like her, but then duck out right after?
Why do men do this in dating?
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