Do guys open up their personal lives too soon?

I am new at a workplace and stay reserved most of the time. However, there was this colleague of mine towards whom I got inclined. He sits right in front of me and I get to see him the whole day. Few days back when he came, I saw him popping from his desk to have a look at me. After a while when he was having a cup of tea, I begin to glance at him secretly. I felt as if he was watching me from the corner of his eye because at once he caught me and I had to look away. After a while, when he was going for a meeting, my eyes followed him. I saw he also looked at me (maybe he wanted to confirm whether I am noticing him or not).

Today while we were alone at office, I began to talk to him. I told him there had been a lot of emotional gaps between me and my mother; I was always closer to my father. He asked me if my mother had lived with me or not. I told him my parents are separated. He told me his parents had been separated since he is born. He began to explain of how he spent his childhood with his grandfather, and that world is very cruel.

I was a bit surprised for him to open up to me. Usually people don't share their personal lives with strangers, especially at work. As a matter of fact, I am a new comer at his office with whom he has no such ties yet. It made me feel how honest he is from inside who has nothing hidden within his personality.

Just want to know, if the feelings of liking are mutual - or is it only one sided from my end?
Do guys open up their personal lives too soon?
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