I hate being an Asian guy?

I came to the USA at age 17. I came here to study in a university. I spoke in a thick accent, which turned off many Americans. I also found it hard to make American friends, who were obsessed with the latest PlayStation, and kept their social circles White only.

Women here flat out rejected me due to my ethnicity. I breifly dated a White woman, and dealt with racism from White men and Asian American females who questioned our relationships. The Asian women were so racist towards me and called me every possible stereotypical names. I also dated a Japanese woman (I am Chinese) and White guys kept forcing her to leave me. I broke up with both of my exes because they graduated university.

Plenty of people even dismissed me over my race. People assumed I got good grades simply because I was Asian. No. I fucking worked hard.

Lately I've begun to hate all white people. I hate that I am always seen as a foreigner, regardless of how well I assimilate. I love football, American movies, video games, and Basketball. yet, people treated me as Chinese and saw me as a foreigner. People constantly stereotype me and see me as asexual, as a male Asian. Plenty of White people fetishize Asian women and force them to avoid us in favor of them. We are constantly emasculated in media.

Plenty of local Chinese women date foreign White men and talk shit about us. I once led a group of White tourists in a gang infested area in China.

I moved back to China after graduation and moved to France for a job offer. I made French friends easier here, and found out that French females were far more open to Asian guys. People also judge me based on my behavior than my race here. Asian females in France are also less racist and less insecure compared to Asian American females. People also did not judge me and any woman I dated here, or encourage them to upgrade to a White man. They did not trash talk Asian guys, unlike Asian American women. I wonder why I am doing better in France than America.

I hate being an Asian guy?
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