Does he like me?

so basically my crush is 2 years older than me and for the past few months he's been doing things make me question if he likes me or not. but he recently broke up with his girlfriend for an unknown reason (im in high school btw)
- he'll braid my hair sometimes
- we give each other big hugs everytime we see each other
- he'll tickle me
- rub his fingers on my hand
- rubs his hand on my arm when we spooned that one time
- strokes me leg / knee
- our friends like to group cuddle so we did that but he wanted me to be next to him
- we held hands on a half an our bus ride
- always asks to cuddle
- his best friend makes fun of us
- my friends think its so cute

im just confused because at first i thought he was just a touchy guy, but he doesn't do this to other girls and i was just looking for other people's opinions.
Does he like me?
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