Advice on Dating someone with commitment issues :(?

so I'm seeing a guy in my college with commitment issues. For a short backstory, <<we casually dated for 8 months when i grew frustrated that he didn't want to be my boyfriend, despite us being exclusive and going on dates and very coupley things. He just couldn't commit and we broke up, 2-3 months later we start talking and he tells me he still likes me and wants to try dating again. I liked him too and set some high standards before agreeing like we had to give us a real serious shot along with being more romantic than before. Sex was off the table at first too, he wasn't getting back with me for that.>> Time goes on and he still hasn't asked to be my boyfriend, its been 3 months since we have been together again. i dont get why it scares him so much, were already exclusive.. I want to know how to get him to open up and talk about feelings and mushy stuff, without me seeming clingy or push him too much, but i can't wait forever either. Any advice, but i do really like him, he's a great guy and i know breaking up could be an option obviously, so different ideas on how to deal with this issue would be more helpful.
Advice on Dating someone with commitment issues :(?
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