How do I find a boyfriend at my high school?

I want to have a boyfriend- someone to cuddle, laugh with, you know, make out with and all that good stuff. I want to be close to someone and be happy.
But I'm really shy and quiet at school due to my social anxiety. That is also why I feel so nervous talking to anyone I'm attracted to, even not. I can tell some guys like me, or did. I have the feeling of at least one guy liking me right now. My brother's friend also had a crush at me at one point.
But no one will talk to me. It might be because I don't have friends and don't talk much. But I wish someone would. I had one boyfriend before last year, he broke up with me because we weren't hanging out enough, I was pretty depressed at the time and didn't want interaction at all. He also cheated on me sort of, asking another girl out before he officially broke up with me. It lasted about three or four months, but I had liked him for longer.
I just wish someone would start a conversation with me. I'm a full out loser. I just want a partner of the opposite sex and I am beginning to get desperate, tbh.
P. s. Please don't tell me to put myself out there
How do I find a boyfriend at my high school?
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