Finding love after 30. Is it even possible?

Hello fellow GAGers. I was seeing a man a few months ago and things seemed to be going really well until out of nowhere his 29 year old on and off ex came back into the picture (me and the guy are both 32) and he decided to go back to her. Things had not been serious between us, but we were friends for a few years, we were treading into the "more than friends" category and I was starting to fall for him (and I told him how I felt about him, but am now second guessing that decision). Obviously I now know he wanted her more, but I'm curious as to the possibility of finding true love over the age of thirty. Don't get me wrong, I don't revolve my whole life around finding a relationship. I have my own life and my own interests. I work, go to school, have friends and am very active in my church community but it seems that I'm always lacking on the dating front.

I've dated throughout my twenties but most of the relationships diminished after a while due to cheating on his part, bad timing, the military separating us or the fact that one of us was simply feeling too strongly about the other person and it wasn't reciprocated. I've always dreamed of finding true love, settling down and getting married but that dream seems more impossible every day. I don't even know where to meet anyone since I work unpredictable hours (and working extra shifts during the holidays), I'm too old for the bar scene and online dating has proven to be a waste of my time.

I've heard many guys say that after 29, a woman is past her prime and that guys prefer to be with a twenty something than a woman in her thirties. Is it true? I'm interested in hearing what you all think. Men, would you date a woman over thirty? Women, have you had any luck finding love after your twenties were over? Am I hopeless?
Finding love after 30. Is it even possible?
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