Whats the point in being friends before getting back into a relationship?

My boyfriend and I been together for almost 2 years now and not too long ago, he betrayed me by cheating on me and that was his revenge to me because he felt like I was giving another man my attention during the summer time which I really wasn't, but the reason why he thought I was doing that is because I started acting different during the summer time by not going to see him as much as I usually do, not txting him or calling him and if we so text, I take forever to reply back but its because he pushed me away by being so insecure and thinking that I was lying about being at work when I really wasn't. I started going out more and hanging with my friends. I stopped giving him my time and I know I was wrong for that and I actually really did hurt him because he was used to always having me around all the time and I just switched up on him. I understand why he felt the way he felt, but I felt like he should have never acted off assumptions. So, not too long ago, I found out that he was giving another women his time and I was hurt but I forgave him for it and decided to try to make things work. He doesn't want to jump into a relationship right away because he feels like Im going to be spiteful and do the same thing he did to me, but im not like that. He decided to just be friends and work on us and try to build trust again before we jump back in the relationship and I agreed to do so, but I feel like I shouldn't have sex with him since were working in us right now. Do you think im wrong for that? Also, do you think this whole friendship to huild trust before hopping back in a relationship is a good idea? I think there's no point in doing that but I would like to hear other peoples opinion on this situation
Whats the point in being friends before getting back into a relationship?
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