Why do guys say, "I'll try to call you tonight but don't get mad if I dont."

Why do guys say "I'll try to call you tonight after dinner, but don't get mad if I don't." Granted we have had an argument a few weeks ago about him saying he would call before and never does. I thought he was drifting away, but he always comes back around. Does this mean he cares a bit or he wants to hold on to me as an option?

Might I add that we have dated for a little over half a year, and haven't saw each other in over a month. Not sure if this is his way of slowly coming back around.


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  • You haven't seen him in over a month? How often do you see him? How serious are you with him? It sounds to me like he is maybe not as interested as he used to be. A guy should call when he says he is going to, but if he doesn't, getting into an argument with him over it is a turn off, because you are appearing clingy and needy. Guys are weird when it comes to phone calls and texts. My current boyfriend (of 1 month) sometimes doesn't always get back to my texts right away, but I am always so happy to talk to him when I do hear from him. Eventually the guy will start wondering about you and call. I think in your case, he is either not into it anymore or is seeing someone else, especially since it's been a month you've seen him. I could see a week, but not a month! I think you should send him a casual text or phone call saying that you just want to say hi and that you're thinking of him, see if he responds. You have every right to do that since you two have been dating for 6 months. If you don't get a response, then go on about your life and smile. If you do, then talk to him about it next time you're in person, without blowing up for his faults. You need to be happy!

  • I had a guy that was always that, hot and cold, type. We started seeing each other less and less, then he called less. Then he broke up with me. I didn't see it coming because it was over a three year span. But you should watch out, even when he redeems himself after three days of calling or making more of an effort to see you. this may not be his case, but be careful.