Why on GAG do women so often tell guys to "ask the girl out"?

So I just got shutdown for the 7th time last night... yeah 7... guess how many times someone has agreed to go out with me? Yeah 0.

Of course I'm not here to complain, I'm here for answers. WTF is up with the internet? On at least 3 occasions I've come online and been like "This girl does ___, _____, and ___ is it possible she likes me?" And the answer is always an overwhelming "YES!!" . All the women tell me to go ask her out, and encourage me to take the risk... and every damn time I get shutdown. I can understand getting shutdown once or twice, but 7 times? Girls online are always so nice, encouraging, and optimistic of my situations. They are always like "You sound like a sweet guy, I'm sure she'd love to date you" or when I post pictures of myself they are like "Wow you are actually really good looking, why would she not like you?" but then in real life I always just get brutally shutdown. It's like two contradicting narratives. On one end people are praising me for my looks and personality, but when it matters, when I'm asking a girl out, she finds something wrong with me and shuts me down. The worst part? I never know what the issue is cause women never tell you, they just say "You're nice, but I don't feel it etc etc etc"

It's quite frustrating actually. Imagine failing at the same thing 7 times and not knowing what is wrong so that you can change it. Why do women always tell us guys to ask the girl out? It's not that easy you know? Especially when you have the weight of 7 failures bearing down on you, and the pressure to not fail this time. What is going through women's minds when they tell a guy to ask a girl out?
Why on GAG do women so often tell guys to "ask the girl out"?
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