Mixed signals from a guy at work?

Im really interested in a guy I work with, and have been for the last couple of months. I would say that he knows I fancy him, because I flirt with him a lot.

Just 2 weeks ago my work all went on a night out, at the start of the night there was 15 of us and by the end it was just me and him left. Nothing happened between us as I knew it wouldn't but I was thinking why would he want to stay with me until the end if he wasn't interested.

Also a couple of days ago in work he asked me what I was doing on Saturday, I said I had no plans then asked what he was doing and he said nothing either, at this point I thought he was going to ask me out but then the conversation changed as another colleague walked in the room.

Im now thinking about asking him if he wants to go out next weekend, however I would feel absolutely humiliated if he says no and was only asking what I was doing the previous weekend to make conversation. Opinions on asking him out? Thanks
Mixed signals from a guy at work?
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