Is my friend interested in me?

I'm 18 and my guy friend is 22. We met almost a year ago at the Y we both go to. I was enlisting into the army and he was already in it so he gave me some advice and we hung out a few times (group settings) and he even invited me to this military event where you bring someone who's interested in joining to participate in some of the activities for a day. He's always seemed nice and genuine. Then he went away to basic training for 4 months and we couldn't communicate. Now that he's back, we've spoken at the Y a couple times but just friendly. However he always posts on Facebook about wanting a girlfriend, a "good girl", "a girl who works out", "a girl who's looking for a hardworking guy, someone who shares my passions" etc. Comments like these seem to be directed towards me. But he doesn't ever outwardly make moves. I messaged him on messenger a few days ago but he hasn't answered. Which makes me doubt things. What do you think, is my friend interested in me?
Is my friend interested in me?
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