How should I go about this I need opinions please?

Sorry for the length and lack of grammar i was in a rush
We had been doing a lot of stuff together she had friended my family on facebook without me knowing she had said she had dreams about me she asked if we could go away togethrr to philadelphia all of these things she even jokingly suggested sleeping over one night and had asked to be my plus one to a party and then everything started to change she had planned to come over and meet my sister and nephew and we were going to go shopping together she canceled i didn't hear from her until the party and she ignored me the whole night then when i asked her when she wanted to go to philadelphia she said I don't know when i have time and that was the last time i heard from her for over two weeks until i saw her at work and she walked right by me without saying a word so i asked a friend what was going on and he said she asked about you last week and then said something about not talking to me until my feelings for her went away so i texted her a mistake i know i regret it and she denied everything my friend said and she wouldn't give me an explanation so i kind of told her off not in a mean way just everything i had been thinking and she never responded she then told everyone in her dept at work and now she's playing games she asked my friend if she should say hi or just ignore me and then she asked him to walk her to her car in case she ran into me but then i keep catching her staring at me its been a month of no contact and i really just want to contact me but then i dont i'm having mixed feelings about the whole thing i've gone on dates with other girls in those weeks but i really dont feel the connection i felt with her and i'm torn i know your guys are going to tell me to move on but any other suggestions or opinions out there?
How should I go about this I need opinions please?
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