I'm unsure if this girl likes me?

...Haven't seen or spoken to her in a month...would asking her out to see a movie with me now be OK?

I was thinking of asking her out on a date, but not sure its a good idea now...if she doesn't answer her phone, do I leave her a message or call her again the next day?


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  • I say if you like her enough to wana take her out, the by all means call her and ask her out...if she doesn't answer...just call back but don't call her too many times. I have had plenty of dudes text or call me out tha blue trying go get up with me (go out with) and have went out with them and in some cases it led to a relationship. Good luck


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  • what happoned a month ago

    • Shes just a girl I met at school and we would talk from time to time. I have her number still

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    • Well the last time I saw her was 2 weeks ago, maybe not a month. last we were together she went for coffee with me. Everytime I talk to her, her body language is very positive, so I feel at least she is comfortable with me

    • You need to make your intent with a woman known early on.

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