Why can't I find love?

I'm 19 and been single my whole life, due to this cuddling season it got me thinking why the fuck I'm still single... I'm decent looking most guys rate me 7-8, I'm adventures and down to do a lot of things esp if it's involves having fun. I can have deep and funny convo with people. The only problem is I can come off as shy and standoff-ish in the beginning and I don't go out as much as my peers, due to not having many friends. But I've seen many quiet, shy girl find boyfriends no problem, I keep telling myself the time will come and I will meet somebody I like. Still no luck I never like any of the guys that like me, on top of that I rarely meet guys I like either. I truly believe that love is just about luck and meeting the right person at the right time. But does everyone gets a chance or are some just meant to be alone and watch others?
Why can't I find love?
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