Is it normal to want to be wherever he is?

I don't want to sound clingy, but I always want to be close to my guy friend that I almost dated and fell in love with. He switched schools, I almost moved with him (he wanted me to). He moved back home (we live a couple hours away), now I want to go back. This summer we were both home and even though we didn't hang out because of work schedules and him getting ready to move, I felt better knowing he was in driving distance from me if anything happened. Now he's thinking of coming back to my school (I will be significantly happier if he does... I've been having kind of a miserable and lonely time since he left) and I'm starting to think that things will be okay, even if I have to stay longer than expected as long as he's here.

Also, if we do end up in the same place again, do you think it's fate? I never really believed in fate, but if he really comes back I'm gonna start believing the saying that if its meant to be, you'll find each other again. It would also show he kept his promise of us seeing each other again. I can just picture him seeing me and me hugging him like I never want to let go again and him saying that he told me it wasn't goodbye last spring... I don't know. Maybe I'm too hopeful but I'm really starting to believe that I'll see him again and maybe this time around we'll be more than friends
Is it normal to want to be wherever he is?
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