What to do for our first date?

there is a guy I am totally crushing on. I don't know how much he likes me but we are going out this weekend. since we already know each other for about a year and have been talking on the phone lately for hours what could we talk about at dinner? also how do you think it should end? I really want him to kiss me because we already hug.


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  • Personally, I would talk about anything that you feel comfortable talking about. Guys like it if you can just be yourself. I like to laugh and joke around when I'm out on dates because it makes things more comfortable for both people. Maybe find something to laugh about with him - make fun of the waiter or something together.Also, if you find something that the two of you have in common, the two of you can talk about that. Usually, conversations start with small talk - like the weather, current events, etc. Then people move into topics that are a bit more personal, such as likes and dislikes. After that, you can move into things such as personal experiences if you feel comfortable. I would say, just go with the flow - allow yourself to just relax and be yourself. You will find things to talk about and it should go well. Also, if you just be yourself, at the end of the night, both of you should feel free enough to be able to allow whatever happens to happen (such as the kiss you want, etc.).Once again, just be yourself and all should be fine. I wish you well! :)


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