How do I get over rejection from this female?

This women 27, single mom with two kids seemed really attracted to me and was very flirtatious. Usually I don't go for women like her situation but I got to know her and we became good friends. I thought there was something there so I asked her out. She rejected me and said that she wants to focus on her children. I understand that but she gave a strong flirtatious vibe with me being touchy, talking about my abs, etc you know what females do. I don't ever open up myself to people, specifically women. When this happened it really put a dagger in my self confidence and now I have this bitter feeling towards approaching women. My family, friends warned me to stay away from her and that there are other women out there better for me. Now I see her regularly and we really don't have a friendship there and she is distance with me. I kinda still feel pissed that she was playing with me for months. How do I get pass this mental block in my mind of being rejection?
How do I get over rejection from this female?
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