What kind of ethnicity do you find the most attractive?

Hi, I made this account just cause I wanted to know this, pretty fun to answer other people's question tho, guess I will be sticking around :)

What kind of ethnicity has your preference?
I mostly like White Girls that are cute

EXTRA if you want to give advice:
So I'm a Asian guy (Chinese), and I was born in a western country.
I've always felt more western then Asian to be honest, I don't speak Chinese either.(My parents hate that I'm so western)

But finding a girl I like and is interested seems hard
In my head there are some reasons for this:
1. I'm Asian, from what I can see Asian guys aren't liked the most, I also look younger then I actually am, but thats typical for Asians. I'm 19, but look like im 17. I'm not short tho, 1.81M / 5'11
2. I moved 2 years ago to a big city, I used to live in suburbs in a different country
and especially where where I'm studying there aren't as many girls I like. (Girls were so much make up here that they look 24, even if they are 18)

feel free to give some advice

White/ Caucasian
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Asian Oriental (China, Japan, Korea)
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What kind of ethnicity do you find the most attractive?
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