What shall I do?

So there is this girl. I am 20 and she is 19. We both moved to this new city this year in order to start university and it happens we stay in the same building. From the first day i saw her i knew i wanted her badly. The first 2 days we hang out together with other guys from home and we were talking like we knew each other already. After few days she asked me if she can come in my room , which honestly felt awesome. She came to my room and started crying about how she was feeling lonely in this new enviroment and how hard it is to her to leave people behind. So we spent the days talking about everything you can imagine ( except sex ofcourse ). After that i asked her out and we went alone in a bar. There we had some good time , we spoke generally about love things ( i told her i never had a relationship before) , and on our way back she holded my hand. I was almsot convinced that she liked me too. So after some days we went out again and i told her i like her. She told me that i am a really good guy but she doesn't know me well and she has been hurt before , so didn't give me a clear answer. One night after we drunk a bit she asked to sleep in my room and we spent all the night hugged. When i asked her for an answer again she told me that she has a boyfriend back in her town and that she is srry and ashamed that didn't tell me earlier. Something inside me broke as i thought she likes me and after a bit of talking we decided to stay <friends>. Up to this day we still hang out together and my feelings for her have grown a lot. I am suffering if i dont see her a day and i am suffering that i can't have her. I can't look other girls cause i only feel connected to her. Also sometimes she talks like she likes me and some others like not , which is killing me. She almost never speaks about her boyfriend in front of me or her other friends but she does that with other male friends she has. I think i am in love for first time but i dont knwo what do. I am suffering inside. Any advice?
What shall I do?
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