We work together.. Does he like me, yes or no?

So there's a guy I work with, and I want to know if he likes me or not. To keep it short, I'll point out certain things..
I'm in my 1st year of college, & he is a hs senior.
I work with him on weekends only (part-time job), & he tries to be around me at work & is always joking around with me.
He's complimented me on different things. He's said he liked my voice, he'll notice when I do something different with my hair, etc.
He asked me to hangout with him, & we exchanged numbers awhile back.
I've been over to his house a few times now, spending the night every time. But other people were there, never just the two of us bc his house is hangout central for all of his friends on the weekends.
He always offers for me to stay the next day after we hangout. For ex., if I spend the night & him & his friends go somewhere the next day, he always invites me. I usually leave to go home though bc I am not "ready" for the day after sleeping somewhere else all night.
He is very helpful in all situations that I need him to help me in, and he sticks up for me in all situations.
He has slept next to me multiple times, we've never done anything besides cuddling/holding hands though.
He is always jumpy and smiley when I'm around. Has even said that he "couldn't stop smiling and didn't know why" one day.
He hasn't talked to me in a few days. We left work the other night, & he left before I did. We always let each other know when the other is leaving for the night. Him and a few other boys we work with came up to me when I was cleaning up. The other boys were laughing & joking saying something about a "relationship".. But all he did was come up to me and start a sentence with "here's the thing..", then changed the subject, then someone else had to talk to him, so he talked to them & then left. So nothing ever came of that.. But he hasn't texted or anything at all since, so I'm beginning to think he's not interested anymore. Any advice is appreciated, & I'm sorry it is so long!
We work together.. Does he like me, yes or no?
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