Girl I met on dating site... is she not real?

So yeah i gave the dating site a go... managed to get a few girls numbers.. whatsapp... kik etc...

But after a while i decided one girl interested me most so put all my time into just her but i'm starting to have doubts if who i am talking to is actually real?

So she is gorgeous and a very easy to get along with... she did state on her profile that she wasn't going to hand out any of her contact stuff like fb whatsapp kik etc... and she mentioned to me she hates the abuse she gets when she declines to give men this stuff which is fair enough so i decided not to ask or mention it as i know she dislikes it.

we have been talking for a few weeks on kik... which i didn't have but made one as i suggested whatsapp... problem is i have always associated kik with fakers... as anyone can make one and steal a picture and put it on it.

whatsapp doesn't tend to be fakers as it's usually their own phone numbers and if they were using a fake pic their friends family would ask them why...

So yeah she wanted kik and i went with it... most fake profiles seek to join a site... sign up... buy something etc... she isn't doing any of this stuff... we don't exchange pics but she has sent 2 without me asking of... well private type but non with her face... so again could be her could be someone elses pics...

I keep bringing up maybe having a phone call... and i don't know how but it gets forgetten about or brushed aside and again i don't want to call her out on it as she gets quite defensive...

she has agreed to go on a date but haven't set an actual date...

the one thing she keeps saying is she is very shy and self concious... which i keep using in my head to convince myself why she is so mysterious and private and avoiding anything but texting... but i don't know are these big red flags?
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she hasn't cancelled a meet yet because we haven't actually planned one but we have both discussed meetin and glossed over it sorry if i never made it a bit clearer..

the phone call thing I've brought up twice and twice it wasn't even answered lol... think she went to bed one of them and the second she replied to a message i sent before it.
Girl I met on dating site... is she not real?
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