Should I be mad at him?

Last Saturday I was supposed to hangout with that dude I've been talking about for a while but like three days last week he was acting different not wanting to hangout Saturday because he was going to a bar. And he barely was texting me and I just had the feeling something was up. We aren't talking or about to date or anything, but he kept wanting to have sex with me and all and so did i. But Friday I found out he's been talking to another chick as well and they have been hanging out and everything and I asked him about it and he said "I've been talking to her some but we can hangout though" That really p*ssed me off. Because he been trying to get with me and hang with me but yet he's trying to get with her too. Even told her he was not hanging with me so he could hangout with her. And to make it worse I'm friends with his cousin and he happened to show up at his cousins and that girl was already there and he looked really good and this really sucks. What should I do? Be mad or just move on. Help please :(


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  • Yes, be mad and move on.


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