How to ask him out?

So I’m thinking about asking my crush out who I’m getting pretty confident that he reciprocates. We sorta act like a couple, holding hands, and holding each other, he has his hands on my waist/stomach most of the time, and rubs my back, legs and neck (and nuzzles it too but I’m ticklish!) amongst other things. However, I’m not all that confident about asking him out, or generally to ‘hang out’ just the two of us, but I want to. It’s just I don’t know how to go ‘bout it. It doesn’t have to be an official date but for just us two to be together and see how it goes. I feel like the best approach is to do it in person, for some reason I think it’s more…appropriate to do so. I can’t articulate what I mean but yeah, in person.

I’m kinda shy and I’ve never done anything remotely like this.

Any suggestions on how to ask him to go out with me? Would a guy even want a girl asking him out? (Oh yeah, in case for some reason it’s relevant our ages: I’m 17, he’s 16)

Also, any ideas what to do on this *cough* ‘hangout’. It’s summer where I am, just in case anyone suggests snow fighting or something. Thinking about going to get icecream and hangout on the beach? But I don’t know if guys find that boring, but we usually past the time cuddling each other anyway so it doesn’t matter which environment we’re in? (He did say he wouldn’t mind going to the beach…just the two of us. Not sure if he wants to see me wear a swimsuit or just spend time with me…or both I wouldn’t mind to be honest :)). If I could I would go to an Arcade but I don’t know where one would be in my city, or if it’s any good. People have said that the movies is a bad idea, but I think me and this guy can do it, since we’d probably ignore it and cuddle like usual, but this could be a last resort idea/backup.

Thanks for reading (and answering)!
How to ask him out?
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