Why did he unfriended me after declining to have sex?

This man I am dating with was my schoolmate during high school. Just last month he sent me a casual hello message in facebook and it is when the conversation started. I noticed that he was sending me messages way back on 2014 and 2015 but I never responded to it.
We had our 1st date last week. We had our lunch together however we do not talk anything serious or has sense. The lunch date didn't take long since he is in hurry and he has to travel going home for 3 hrs by his motorbike.
After 3 days, he asked me out again. We watched movie, never had any serious conversation. He was being so touchy when we are in the movie house. He was kissing me, toiching my arms, my legs which I would admit I like it. After 3 days, I invited him to go over in my place since he was in the city for some job related errands (he is a soldier). He came over, he had a few talks about my day. He attempted to be sexual. He wanted to have sex. I never allw him. I was thingking thatbit is too soon to have sex and I am afraid that he will just come and go for that. By the way, I am a single mom.
When he arrived home on that day, he texted me letting me know that he arrived home safe. However the very next day, next next day I never heard anything from him. No facebook message, no call, no sms. I sent him a message on facebook he never responded to it. I get annoyed and told him I am notbgoingbto botherbhim anymore. He blocked me on messenger. After 24 hrs. He unfriended me on facebook. Why? I though we were okay. Please enlightened my mind. Thanks
Why did he unfriended me after declining to have sex?
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