What do I say to her?

Sorry for the grammar/punctuation was in a hurry

I was friends with this girl we got to know eachother very well i developed feelings for her then we got into an argument and i haven't talked to her in almost two months its very awkward because we work at the same place in different departments and my friend says she always talking about me but she won't speak to me we were both in the wrong and at first i wanted her to reach out but i now know thats not going to happen but i miss her and even though i know our friendship will never be the same i don't want it to be like this it started when i hadn't heard frok her in two weeks so i tried talking to her at work and she walked right by me and when i asked my friend she said that my friend had said something along the lines that i had to get over my feelings for her and even though she denied saying that i know now that she probably did how do i go about reaching out to her i've thought about texting her but my friend told me to wait a little while longer what do i say to her
What do I say to her?
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