Kissed my friend while drunk? And he has a girlfriend?

Okay let me just say before starting college I never drank or had a boyfriend or kissed a guy. So since starting college before last night I only kissed one guy... that I really liked but he ended up telling me he just wanted to "have fun" so I am trying to move on from him. So I have another friend that has had a girlfriend for 4 years and he never really drinks because he said it takes him a lot to get drunk... so Friday I had a small party and surprisingly he decided to get hammered... he had 4 beers half a bottle of champagne and two shots... and I had 5 shots all within a few minutes and half a bottle of beer and champagne... so then we went to chill in my bedroom and we were holding hands and he took of my shirt and I wrapped my legs around him and he started like banging up against me even though we both had our pants on and then we started making out and then he took his dick out of his pants and told me to feel it but I didn't because even though I was drunk I reminded him he had a girlfriend but he kept trying to get me to and then I put my shirt on and left... but I'm not blaming him it was both our faults and he called to apologize but I feel really bad because he's going to tell his girlfriend and I feel so guilty and I don't even want to see him tomorrow in class. What should I do? Am I a bad person. He also tried to take my pants of and he kept grabbing my butt even though I let him grab my butt I didn't let him take my pants off. He's 23 I'm 18. I'm so disappointed in myself
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What should I do?
Kissed my friend while drunk? And he has a girlfriend?
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