What if she says she isn't ready to date?

This girl and I have been hanging out for a couple of weeks. Like every night and she seems to enjoy my company and I enjoy hers. After she hung out with this other guy last night all of a sudden she is like I can't really hang out til after finals and she said she doesn't know where I stand with her.

Well here is an update. We still hang out quite a bit and she explained that she has just been on her own for awhile and is not sure if she is ready to share that with someone at the moment. she wants to just not sure if she can
Well I just got the age old "stay friends speech" I'm tired of these games. I'm thinking its because she got out of a serious relationship not to long ago and he was her first. and that she is scared to have feeling for someone else so fast.


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  • Sounds like she's not sure who she wants, don't let her put you on the backburner.

  • Where do you stand with her? Has she definitely told you that she does not want to date because she isn't ready to? Maybe she just wants to hang out with randoms until she finds one she really likes and then date him.

    • Seeing your last update, I am not surprised. I don't care if you just got out of a relationship, if you meet someone who really floats your boat, you will commit to them. She liked you but not more than a friendship and now she made it clear. Trust me, when you meet someone who thinks you are amazing, it will show, you will not be confused.

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