Is drugs a make or break?

So I met this guy recently and its a shame because our personalities mesh so well. However, he is into certain drugs. At first he began with oh I smoke weed. I figured, ok a lot of people smoke it recreationally. But he says he needs to take a hit every day and compares it to having your daily glass of wine. Also his breath smells like smoke which is a turnoff.

Also, he recently said he did cocaine last weekend. And that he has done it several other times, along with other drugs he has tried like shrooms and Molly.

He is older than me by about 5 years. I am a senior in college and he used to go to my college. My whole thing is, the whole purpose of me dating older was to find someone more mature than a lot of the college boys. However, I just feel like 26 is a bit old when you have a secure job to be trying all these drugs still. I would not mind it in the past, but he still gets involved with it.
Is drugs a make or break?
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