I haven't heard from my boyfriend in almost 4 days. What do I do?

we been together since oct 27th. Everything was going great (so I thought). A couple weeks ago our texts have decreased. I haven't been getting goodnight texts I'll only hear from him twice a day. We have a distant relationship I like a hr away and he works days and goes to school and I work nights.

Thanksgiving weekend I was supposed to stay at his but he got sick and was barely texting me which I understand. That Saturday he said he will come over Sunday. Sunday came didn't hear from him till late afternoon and he was getting ready to come but got distracted with YouTube. We saw each other tho before he left he said he'd miss me and we'll hang out the following weekend.

well last weekend I didn't see him at all. He texted me Saturday evening and said he had a bday party Sunday morning but after that he'd see me. I didn't hear from him at all. So late Sunday I asked how the party went and got no reply. Monday I waited for a text from him Tuesday I waited till the evening then I shot him one more asking if we could talk and that it's weird not hearing from him and if I did anything wrong. And I still haven't heard anything back.

he told me he had exams this week so he's been setting his phone aside to study but it's Wednesday. As the week goes by he has less and less classes to study for. I just don't understand what went wrong? Or if I should do or say anything else? Or if I just have to sit and wait for him to come to me. At this point it's wasting my time and my friend told me to just stop thinking about it but it's hard not to think about. It's like a scratch I can't itch. Just a simple sorry or hi I'm busy still studying for exams talk to you when they're over would be great.
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Thank you all for answering. He finally get in touch with me and he broke up with me. He wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone and he was super stressed about college and what he wants to do with his life. He mainly broke up with me because he thought he could love someone a few months after ended his last relationship but he can't. But it's all good because that helped me with decided on if I should move somewhere else or stay as close to him as I could.
I haven't heard from my boyfriend in almost 4 days. What do I do?
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