Should I make a move for a 3rd date?

Hi everyone,

I just want to ask if I should ask him out for the third date? He asked me out for the first and second dates. Unfortunately, we already had a steamy sex during those dates. For some reason we suddnely felt connection. First night, he is already holding my hand while walking at the beach. We had a couple of drinks. 3 days later we had our 2nd date. We stroll at the beach, watch vids at his place and I stayed there overnight because he wanted to. Its weird because we are already like couples- cuddling each other during sleep, steamy sex and torrid kissing; even made out at thr lounge. I am really finding it so sweet of him to drive quite far to pick me up. He did even cooked me a breakfast the next day.

The downside is, we dont text much with each other. He is 10 years older than me and I understand that we are both busy. Now for the third date, should I ask? Or just wait? It has been 4 days since our last date.
Should I make a move for a 3rd date?
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