What's the point of dating?

This may sound super cynical but I'm actually at point where I'm questioning the whole point of dating.

So I'm relatively young, just turned 21. Now I have always been the type to prefer long term relationships and all that. But after being single for almost a year (by choice) I'm wondering what the point is to date young in the first place. Everyone I know has been dating since they were 13-15 years old. And most girls my age that I'm friends with are in relationships. But whenever one of my relationships ended people always ended up saying "don't worry you're so young anyway" or "its because you were young and people change". And the thing is, that is all true.

So why do so many young people bother dating when A) The relationship most likely won't last or B) You wouldn't want to be getting married anytime soon at your age

I just don't see what the whole point is. Why continue to pursue something when it's pretty much destined to not be successful?
What's the point of dating?
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