Is it okay that I am loosing interest in this guy?

Iv had a crush on this guy in my class for about 6 months, but obviously i didn't tell him or anything. So recently he started reciprocating, showing signs of liking me back and messaging me and so on. To start with i was getting stressed about it, hoping i wouldn't put him off, analyzing his messages, trying to decide if i should message etc. (typical stuff).
Anyway, yesterday (after only just over a week of him starting to message me) i realized this is all too much like hard work and i dont really feel much about the situation anymore. Is this really bad?

I dont want to hurt him, he's a nice guy, i am just completely clueless when it comes to guys so this whole situation has been so far our off my depth. The problem is, i am 22 and he has dated before so i think he assumes i know what i am doing, well i really dont!

I was stuck in this pre-dating phase with a guy for 6 moths when i was a teen and it never went anywhere but it really upset me so i think maybe this is a self preservation mechanism?

Anyway, is this a normal reaction to things getting complicated? What should i even do now?
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Okay i take it back, im not loosing interest anymore haha!
Is it okay that I am loosing interest in this guy?
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