I don't know if he loves me?

meet a guy. he asked for my number and started talking on phone for hours everyday for 2 weeks. after 2 weeks we meet for dinner only. then started talking normally he cared about me and was interested in me a lot. I asked him what is our relationship is he said that he had bad past and that for now we are friends and let the future decide 'I showed him that I really like him. then he started making less calls , I asked y he said I told u I'm bad in relationship, gradually stooped calling and text only. but he shows me that he love me by songs he send then we meet again he kissed me and was very happy I asked him if he want me to stay away from his life ' he said no I want u 'he sends me his pictures and stalk my snap. But he didn't say he love Me. when we meet I see love in his eyes but he never said anything 'it's been 3 weeks we didn't met I told him I miss u he said little or much I said much he didn't reply. to my text ! please I want answers to his attitude? but when we talk I feel in his voice all the love and if I'm out with friends he get jealous and ask a lot of questions.
I don't know if he loves me?
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